Chronicles of Erthwurld

Jack at school
Created by Jack Trelawny
Author & 'Edutainer' (School Visitor)

Erthwurld Map
Kernowland is a kingdom in Erthwurld


Kernowland Cast of Characters

Captain Pigleg

Captain Pigleg
Book cover picture: Louise Hackman-Hexter

Captain Pigleg has a ship called The Revenger. Some of his characteristics are taken from a real pirate in history, Captain Blackbeard, who used to set fire to his hair with lighted tapers to make people so scared of him that they would give up without a fight if his band of pirates came over the horizon. Jack Trelawny has taken this historical fact and changed it around in his stories so that Pigleg's whole head ingites when he gets angry.

Link: Captain Blackbeard at National Geographic

Some like the image of Captain Pigleg above, whilst older readers often prefer the one below.

Captain Pigleg