Chronicles of Erthwurld

Jack at school
Created by Jack Trelawny
Author & 'Edutainer' (School Visitor)

Erthwurld Map
Kernowland is a kingdom in Erthwurld


The Kernowland Series

Colosseum of Dread

Kernowland Colosseum of Dread

Louis is a condemned prisoner as Evile and his loathsome cronies arrive in the newly named, “Wonrekland”. The terrified young boy knows he has been matched against the Evil Emperor’s giant Champion Gladiator, Og the Ogreman, in the Colosseum of Dread. He now has to meet Og and his mighty Ironhammer in mortal combat. As the Great Battle between Darkness and Light looms ever closer, will Tizzie and the other Questers be successful in their search around Erthwurld for the Eight Crystals of the Amulet of Hope? And will Tizzie and Louis ever be reunited? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the Kernowland story….

Book cover picture: Marlene Keeble