Chronicles of Erthwurld

Jack at school
Created by Jack Trelawny
Author & 'Edutainer' (School Visitor)

Erthwurld Map
Kernowland is a kingdom in Erthwurld


The Kernowland Series

Pigleg's Revenge

Pigleg's Revenge

Tizzie was in big trouble at the end of Book 3. Held captive on a pirate ship, The Revenger, she was sailing for Jungleland to become live bait for Big Red Grunter, the mutant wild boar that took Cap’n Pigleg’s left leg. Louis was in Sandland, racing to rescue Tizzie with Akbar and Hans. The other rescuers, Princess Kea, Mr Sand, Clevercloggs, and Misty the little blue mouse, were just leaving Kernowland for Jungleland through the Crystal Door. Can the rescuers save Tizzie from the hungry boarmonsters in time… ?

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Book cover picture: Louise Hackman-Hexter