Chronicles of Erthwurld

Jack at school
Created by Jack Trelawny
Author & 'Edutainer' (School Visitor)

Erthwurld Map
Kernowland is a kingdom in Erthwurld


The Kernowland Series


Kernowland Slavechildren

With a reward of five thousand evos on his head, Louis was snatched by Captain Pigleg in Jungleland at the end of Book 4. Here in Book 5, he’ll be taken back to face the grizzly Guillotine of Sirap. Tizzie was caught in the armtentacles of a giant tree octopus, and the mutant monster was about to eat her with its sharp beak. Meanwhile, back in conquered Kernowland – which has been renamed ‘Wonrekland’ – Drym has a new ‘pet’, a fearsome wolfspider called Danglefang, and parents everywhere are agonising over Lister’s Choice… which one of their precious children will they deliver into slavery?

Book cover picture: Marlene Keeble