Chronicles of Erthwurld

Jack at school
Created by Jack Trelawny
Author & 'Edutainer' (School Visitor)

Erthwurld Map
Kernowland is a kingdom in Erthwurld


The Kernowland Series

The Crystal Pool

Kernowland The Crystal Pool

Tizzie and Louis are on holiday in Cornwall when they enter Echo Cave and are transported through the Crystal Pool to the Kingdom of Kernowland. Kidnapped to be sold as slaves to the pirates, their plight looks hopeless, until Louis is helped by the kindly Mr Sand. Now, before he can go home, the young boy has to rescue his sister. Will he be able to find and rescue Tizzie before she is sold on by the pirates and lost forever in Erthwurld?

Book cover picture: Louise Hackman-Hexter